Case Management

What We Do

 What are the three phases of case management at the H.O.P.E.?

Typical our phases of case management are:

  • engagement and relationship building;
  • information collection and assessment;
  • planning and prioritisation of needs;
  • allocation, development and negotiation of resources;
  • implementation of a plan;
  • monitoring of the plan; and.
  • review of the plan, case closure or reassessment.

Our Process - It's In The Details

H.O.P.E. case management process consists of nine phases through which our case managers provide care to their clients: 

  1. Screening, 
  2. Assessing, 
  3. Stratifying Risk, 
  4. Planning, 
  5. Implementing (Care Coordination), 
  6. Following-Up, 
  7. Transitioning (Transitional Care),
  8. Communicating Post Transition, 
  9. and Evaluating. 

H.O.P.E. Case Management Model

 At the House of Prosperity Everlasting, Inc., our case management operates on four levels of case management components and  implementation that make up our successful case management: 

  1. Intake, 
  2. Needs Assessment, 
  3. Service Planning, and 
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation. 

The House of Prosperity Everlasting, Inc., offers:

  • Intensive Case Management.
  • Strengths-Based Case Management. 
  • Brokerage/Generalist Case Management. 
  • Clinical Case Management.

For additional information concerning case management services please contact Curtrina Houston ( Executive Director) at 202-497-5676.